Jewelry rule in Vilnius

jewelry rule in Vilnius

What services does our jewelry store in Vilnius provide?


Do you have a beloved piece of jewelry that is no longer suitable for wearing for one reason or another? Then, the jewelry rule in Vilnius is what you are probably looking for this year. Maybe your most fun chain has broken? Or your favorite ring started to squeeze, became too small? Or maybe one or more gems fell out of the jewelry? You can solve all these problems and more by coming to our jewelry store in Vilnius at the address Šeškinės str. 32.

The services of a jeweler may be needed not only when the jewelry is damaged or broken. It is a great idea and from time to time to renew old jewelry that is structurally sound, but the metal has lost its luster, the stones have dulled, the rhodium or gold plating of the jewelry has worn off, or simply if you want to update and modernize an old product. We can always change the texture of the jewelry, for example, from shiny to matte, we can also inlay gems or engrave something.

jewelry rule in Vilnius

jewelry rule in Vilnius

What are the most common problems that customers come to solve at the jewelry store in Vilnius?

  • Broken chain. A common problem, especially for women who wear very thin chains. The longer the chain, the easier it is to break it, as it is easy to accidentally catch it with your hand, clothes or something else. The chain may break along its length or at the clasp. Sometimes it is enough to press one or another part for repair, but often you have to solder the chain. Soldering may leave a slight bump or unevenness if the circuit is particularly thin.
  • A broken piece of jewelry. A broken earring leg, a clasp that no longer locks in place, a broken ring structure - all these are quite common problems that the jewelry store in Vilnius will help you fix and admire functional jewelry again.
  • Lost earring clasp. It is not uncommon to have to make a new clasp for an earring. If you only lose one, we recommend that you keep both earrings so we can make identical, matching clasps for both earrings.
  • A fallen gem or other stone. If you lose a stone, the jewelry store in Vilnius will help you choose the most ideal, similar option so that your jewelry looks like new again. We work only with excellent quality gems, we offer a particularly friendly price.
  • Refurbishment of worn jewelry. Most often, silver and white gold jewelry is covered with extremely clean, white metal - rhodium. Of course, over time, the coating may wear off, and some shade may begin to appear. In this case, we invite you to present your jewelry to us. We will recoat it with rhodium so that you can once again enjoy a shiny, luxurious piece of jewelry.
  • Changing the ring size. We increase and decrease rings very often. There can be many reasons why the ring size is not suitable. Maybe a guy proposed to a girl and didn't match the size, or maybe simply, over the years, the finger size increased and the ring started to squeeze. Most often, the size is changed specifically for engagement and wedding rings. If the ring is classic, there is no very elaborate design - this kind of work will be done very quickly and will be cheap. If the ring has a special design or gemstones encrusted around its perimeter, such a repair is considered more complex and each such repair is valued uniquely.
  • Cleaning and renovation of jewelry. Some products fade faster than others. For example, rings are cleaned most often, because you touch various surfaces with your hands, you often forget to take the ring off before doing various jobs or using household chemicals. Brilliant strings or other rings with many stones are recommended to be cleaned at least once every six months. Some products, depending on their design, may get scratched or have a different texture than when the product was purchased. In this case, the jewelry industry in Vilnius suggests polishing and renewing your product, making it shiny and scratch-free again.
  • Changing the stone to another. Sometimes, over time, the color of the stone can fade or simply become less significant. It is not uncommon for us to exchange one type of gem for another or for a gem of the same type, but with better parameters and higher quality. We can change a ruby to an emerald, a sapphire to a diamond, or the like.
  • Improving an old piece of jewelry. Tired of your old jewelry? We can change its texture, inlay additional stones, engrave a significant phrase or symbol. If you have special ideas for updating an old piece of jewelry, we will always listen and offer the most optimal solution.



If you are interested in the services of a jeweler for the repair or production of articles, we invite you for a professional consultation with RG Juvelyrika, we will provide you with all the information about repair and production prices. If you have specific ideas, we will help you turn them into reality. The jewelry store in Vilnius and the production workshop are located at Šeškinės st. 32. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail. by post and by phone +37064705546 section Contacts.