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Wedding rings of different colors of gold

Even classic wedding rings don't have to be boring Although more and more couples are choosing more modern rings for their eternal union, classic wedding rings are still the most popular choice. Solid wedding rings without sophisticated shapes and without inlaid stones are called classic. Usually only their shape, width, height, gold color and texture are played with. Even […]

Jewelry rule in Vilnius

What services does our jewelry store in Vilnius provide to customers? If your jewelry is broken, cracked, a stone fell out or something else happened - the jewelry rule in Vilnius is where you should go as soon as possible. Most of the work can be done in a very short time, so you will be able to enjoy your favorite jewelry very soon. Common problems: […]

Jewelry rule in Vilnius

What services does our jewelry store in Vilnius provide? Do you have a beloved piece of jewelry that is no longer suitable for wearing for one reason or another? Then, the jewelry rule in Vilnius is what you are probably looking for this year. Maybe your most fun chain has broken? Or your favorite ring started to press, became too small? Or maybe one or more gems fell out of the jewelry? All these […]

Pendant with a diamond

A pendant with a diamond is a universal piece of jewelry for everyday and festive occasions. Probably more than one woman has at least one pendant with a diamond in her jewelry box. Extremely versatile piece of jewelry that goes with any outfit. It can be completely minimalistic, small or attention-grabbing and breathtaking with a luxurious diamond pendant. The color of the gold to which the diamond is combined can be white, pink […]

Bracelets with diamonds and their differences

What are the most popular diamond bracelets right now? Diamond bracelets feature in almost every woman's jewelry box, but they are increasingly being chosen by men as well. Bracelets can be of different types, with different encrusted gems. They are usually ordered in full gold or leather, rubber base with gold details. We notice that it is not uncommon for couples to choose not necessarily rings as a symbol of partnership. Matching […]


Jewelry with pearls is a timeless classic

Pearl jewelry - is it a timeless classic? Do you like classic style jewelry? Jewelry with pearls is a great choice. A complete standard of beauty, aesthetics, luxury. There are many types of pearls, both in terms of their extraction methods and their shapes and colors. Cultured pearls are mostly used in jewelry, because natural pearls are extremely rare, valuable and expensive. A pearl is a precious stone of natural origin, extracted […]

How to find out ring size? A few tips

A few tips to find out your ring size How to find out your ring size? This important question arises both when choosing a ring for yourself and when buying for another person. When shopping for yourself, the easiest way is to just go to any jewelry store and try on rings in different widths. Usually, a narrower ring is slightly smaller, and a wider ring may require […]

Jewelery in Vilnius

Jewelery in Vilnius for everyone's taste Silver and gold jewelery in Vilnius. Jewelry for women, men and children. RG Juvelyrika offers to fulfill your unique wishes by helping to create the design of the product and its implementation. It is not uncommon to encounter a problem when looking for jewelry "with a thought", because the products offered in wholesale often do not meet the desired quality standards or are simply too banal, many times [...]

What is a diamond?

What is a diamond and how is it different from a diamond? A brilliant is a specially processed diamond with at least 57 facets. The high amount of facets gives the gem a special sparkle, hence its name. So, chemically, a diamond and a brilliant are exactly the same mineral, they're just processed differently. Every diamond is a diamond, but […]

Wedding rings with diamonds

Wedding rings with diamonds - one of the most popular choices today Wedding rings with diamonds - an increasingly common choice among newlyweds. Brilliant lines, which are very popular with women, look especially beautiful next to an engagement ring or on their own. Diamonds can be very small, giving a sense of elegant minimalism, or larger for those who want a slightly brighter, more noticeable ring. Classic wedding […]