Bracelets with diamonds and their differences

What bracelets with diamonds are currently the most popular

What are the most popular diamond bracelets right now?


Diamond bracelets feature in almost every woman's jewelry box, but they are increasingly being chosen by men as well. Bracelets can be of different types, with different encrusted gems. They are usually ordered in full gold or leather, rubber base with gold details. We notice that it is not uncommon for couples to choose not necessarily rings as a symbol of partnership. Matching bracelets are the latest fashion craze. Bracelets of the same gold color and similar style for a man and a woman, symbolizing their love - an extremely luxurious looking innovation.

Diamond bracelets and their styles

Diamond bracelets and their styles

We will discuss which styles of bracelets with diamonds are the most popular, perhaps this will help you decide which model to choose.

  • Tennis style bracelets with diamonds. Ultra-sparkling, brilliant-encrusted over the entire length of the bracelet. This type of bracelets are extremely light, flexible, and do not restrict hand movements. Gemstones are set very close to each other, so usually 30-120 diamonds are used for such a bracelet. Their quantity depends on the chosen size of diamonds and the length of the bracelet. The bracelet consists of small gold structures connected by a flexible connection, which are usually square or round in shape. A diamond is placed in the middle of the structure.
  • Bangle style bracelets with diamonds. This type of bracelets are rigid, narrower ones are slightly flexible, wider ones are completely rigid and retain their shape. It is very fashionable to combine even several bangle-style bracelets with each other, of different widths and different gold colors. Diamonds can be placed deep into the plane of the bracelet or a unique construction, design is created in the spaces left in the plane. Bangle bracelets with diamonds are often engraved because the rigid, smooth surface leaves plenty of room for engraving.
  • Chain bracelets with diamonds. Mostly, a thin chain with a jewel design embedded in the middle. For example, a diamond flower embedded in the middle or a horizontal, flat gold inlay with diamonds encrusted in it. Such bracelets are very light, often weighing only up to 4 grams. Perfect for everyday wear. Their length is usually adjustable, and if not, it is very easy to adjust it.
  • Leather bracelets with diamonds. A very popular choice among men. The leather, which gives a more severe sense of style, perfectly offsets the brilliant shine, thus creating a balance. The base of the bracelets can be made of natural or eco leather, smooth or braided. Also, rubber is often used. The clasp and decor are made of gold, and the latter is decorated with diamonds. Men like not only classic, colorless diamonds, they often choose cognac or even black. The darker the stone, the more light it absorbs, so it is less luminous.
  • Pearl bracelets with diamonds. A complete classic. Pearl bracelets are often decorated with a gold clasp, which can be decorated with diamonds, creating a sense of uniqueness. Also, golden inserts decorated with precious stones can be embedded between the pearls themselves.
  • Cuff style bracelets with diamonds. The structure is very similar to bangle style bracelets, but this one is much wider. Mostly, not less than 5 cm wide. With an extremely large surface area, cuff bracelets can be decorated with various intricate ornaments, engraved and, of course, encrusted with precious stones. For example, a constellation made of small brilliants.
  • Threaded, beaded bracelets with diamonds. Stretchy beaded bracelets. Yes, they can also come with diamonds! Gold beads inlaid with precious stones look extremely luxurious. Since beads made of gold alone weigh a lot, bracelets made only of them are rarely made. Most often, such beads are used as a decoration, an insert next to other, cheaper beads. For example, amber, amethyst, lava, etc.
  • Luxury bracelets with diamonds. Bracelets of complex constructions, usually created according to the individual wishes of the customer. Most often, a unique fastening option, various solutions for the placement of precious stones are found. A glowing snake wrapped around the arm, or perhaps diamond-encrusted wings encircling the wrist?
  • Red suggests bracelets with diamonds. A very common accessory all over the world. It is said that the red thread protects from being watched and brings good luck. The thread is usually decorated with additional accents to make it look a little more fancy. One of the options is a gold decoration inlaid with diamonds.
  • Necklace with diamonds. Well, let's mention a separate category - namely ankle collars. The structure is the same as the bracelets, only the size/length is different. The latter are mostly of the chain type, as they restrict movement the least and are the easiest to put on and take off. Keep in mind that we are less able to see and feel what is happening at our feet, so it is quite easy to get hooked and broken.


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