Jewelry with pearls is a timeless classic

Pearl jewelry is a timeless classic

Pearl jewelry - is it a timeless classic?


Do you like classic style jewelry? Jewelry with pearls is a great choice. A complete standard of beauty, aesthetics, luxury. There are many types of pearls, both in terms of their extraction methods and their shapes and colors. Cultured pearls are mostly used in jewelry, because natural pearls are extremely rare, valuable and expensive.

A pearl is a gem of natural origin, extracted naturally from water inhabitants - molluscs, after a foreign body has entered them. Over time, the mollusk envelops the foreign body with a layer of nacre, forming a pearl. Such a process makes it clear that each pearl is unique and can have different shapes or colors. All-natural pearls are very rare and extremely expensive, and it is difficult to find large quantities of pearls of the same shape. However, jewelry with pearls is more often made from cultured pearls, extracted in a process with human intervention. The process of cultured pearls differs only in that the foreign body is manually implanted into the mollusc, rather than falling in naturally. The formation of the pearl itself can take up to four years. They can be extracted in both salt and fresh waters.

The three main types of saltwater pearls are popular and known to everyone - "Akoya", "Taichi", "South Sea". These pearls account for just one-tenth of all cultured pearls mined in the world. The rest is extracted from fresh waters.

Pearl jewelry is a timeless classic

Pearl jewelry is a timeless classic

What determines the quality of a pearl, how is its value calculated? The following main criteria are taken into account when evaluating or selecting pearls:

  • Pearl shape. Round, regularly shaped pearls are valued at the highest price. Round ones are still considered more classic, recognized in the world, and other more interesting shapes are considered avant-garde, for those who like uniqueness.
  • Pearl color. White pearls are one of the most popular in jewelry, but also the most mined. The most expensive pearls on the market today are South Sea saltwater pearls, which vary in color from white to rich gold. The darker the color, the higher the price of the pearl.
  • Pearl surface luster. The shinier the nacreous surface, the more desirable the pearl.
  • Comparability of pearls. Often in jewelry you have to use more than one pearl, e.g. a pair of earrings requires at least two units, a bracelet or necklace may require several dozen pearls. Since pearls can have various surface bumps, irregularities, differences in shades, pay attention to how they fit together. It is worth noting that unevenness or bumps are not a defect. Real pearls always have some imperfections that give them a sense of authenticity.
  • Pearl size. Pearls are more commonly described by their diameter rather than their weight. The most common cultured pearls are up to 10mm. Larger, especially natural pearls are a true rarity that would cost a lot of money to acquire.

Jewelry with pearls is usually made using white, yellow or pink pearls, but you can also find other colors - purple, gold, brown, almost black pearl products. Pearl is very often used as an accent in bridal jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

The pearl is known as a symbol of love, tenderness, kindness and beauty. Also, since ancient times it is believed to have healing properties and a positive effect on psychological well-being. Pearls with non-standard shapes or other defects that cannot be used in jewelry are ground and used to extract high-quality calcium preparations.

What jewelry do we usually make from pearls? The most popular choice is the necklace on the neck. Elegant, suitable for any classic style outfit. Also, pendants, bracelets, earrings. Often, jewelry with pearls is also decorated with diamonds to give the jewelry more sparkle and a sense of luxury. We select pearls of the right size, depending on the type of product, your wishes and preliminary measurements.

It is worth noting that the pearl is quite soft and fragile, so it should be stored and worn carefully so as not to be damaged. It is also important that pearl jewelery is only purchased from trusted and experienced jewelers to ensure that you are purchasing high quality, truly authentic pearls. Fake pearls can be tempting with their low price, but over time, fake pearls will begin to peel, crack, and lose their luster. Jewelry with pearls should be stored in a fabric bag, cleaned only with a soft napkin, and ideally - delivered to jewelers to perform preventive cleaning, check the wear of the product, if necessary, offer to renew the clasp, the thread on which the bracelet or necklace is strung.


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