Wedding rings. How to choose the right ones?

Wedding rings. How to choose the right ones

Wedding rings and engagement rings and their styles. How to choose the right one and find out the ring size?


Wedding rings are jewelry that symbolize the endless love and eternal union of two people. Although the symbolism of wedding rings varies around the world, their meaning remains the same. Rings can be made of a wide variety of metals, but gold is usually chosen. A reliable and durable metal, you can also choose from different colors - white, red or yellow gold. For some, classic, traditional rings are more close to their hearts, while others want a slightly more unique ring that stands out from the crowd.

The main styles of wedding rings:

  • The classics. Traditional wedding rings usually range from 2mm to 6mm wide, although there are some exceptions. Comfortable, eye-catching jewelry perfect for everyday wear. We suggest choosing white, pink or yellow gold rings. The finish of the ring can be normal - shiny or, if you want a slightly more interesting option, we can offer various textures (matte, rough, etc.). This type of ring is made the fastest, so it is perfect for those who want a quick, easy and economical solution.
  • Rings - lines. Wedding rings in which stones are inlaid in a row. The number, type and size of the stones can vary, some want the stones to occupy only part of the ring, others want the stones to go around the entire finger. These rings are currently extremely popular among women. Especially, decorated with sparkling diamonds. This type of ring looks great when worn next to an engagement ring on the same finger. The stones can be varied, but the most common choices are gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and of course, diamonds. The production price depends on the desired quantity of stones and their parameters, so we invite you to consult us, we will be happy to help you choose the option that best meets your expectations.
  • Artistic (artistic). These are wedding rings that do not fit into the classic framework. Various shapes, textures and gold colors, often printed with various patterns, decorated with stones. Perfect for those who want exclusive products. We often create wedding rings according to the wishes of our customers, we transfer designs from your dreams to reality. We invite you to consult with us live or through the specified contacts, we are always waiting for your photos with ideas and questions about whether we can fulfill it.
Wedding rings and engagement rings and their sizes

Wedding rings and engagement rings and their sizes

How to find out ring size? This question arises when choosing both wedding and engagement rings. It is best, of course, to consult a jeweler live. Upon arrival, you can try on the rings or measure the size of your finger with special measuring devices. This option is perfect if the ring you are going to buy is not a surprise. It can be a bit more complicated when choosing a gift or ring for courtship. It is worth noting that the wider the ring, the larger size is recommended. Engagement rings are usually quite narrow, 2-4mm wide, so it is more difficult to fit.

Here are a few ways to find out your girlfriend's finger size without her knowing:

  • Pick up one of her rings and have it measured at any jewelry store or jeweler. Keep in mind that engagement rings are worn on the ring finger, so you should measure the ring that the woman wears on this finger.
  • Talk to her friends or family members. Sometimes, close people can know the size of your beloved's finger or help you find out.
  • Define its ring on a piece of paper, so you will have a circle the size of the diameter of the ring.
  • Compare your fingers with your girlfriend's. Try on the ring she wears on her ring finger and remember which finger the ring goes on or to which part of your finger.

Remember that ring size can usually be adjusted over time. Maybe you got it wrong with the size or the circumference of your finger has changed. Classic wedding or engagement rings can be enlarged or reduced very easily. However, if you buy a ring printed with various patterns, intricate designs or encrusted stones across the entire diameter of the ring, such size correction can be difficult and cost significantly more. If you know when purchasing a ring that your fingers tend to change in size depending on the season (for example, they thin out a lot in cold weather and expand and swell in hot weather) or for other reasons, be sure to mention this to the jeweler. We will help you choose the most comfortable option, and we will also consider the possibility of adjusting the size to a larger or smaller size in the future.

We invite you for a professional consultation with RG Juvelyrika, we will provide you with all the information about engagement and wedding rings. We will help you determine the size of your ring, introduce you to current trends. If you have special wishes, we invite you to send us your design ideas by e-mail or arrange a live meeting. You can find us at Šeškinė st. 32, Vilnius or contact e-mail by post info@rgjuvelyrika.lt and by phone +37064705546 section Contacts.