Men's necklaces

Men's necklaces and their types


Recently, men's necklaces are extremely popular. It doesn't matter what style of clothes you wear, you will always find a piece of jewelry that is right for you. Classic-style men are happy to adorn themselves with traditional gold chains with pendants, alternative-style choker-type necklaces, while those promoting the leisure or hip-hop style are very fond of large, for example, Cuban braided chains. Although the selection of men's jewelry is still smaller than that of women, there is no shortage of choice these days. Various chains, pendants, leather products or beads... We see that more and more men choose very luxurious gold jewelry, such as large, personalized, handmade chains or pendants decorated with religious motifs. We will give you some examples of styles, which are the most desirable necklaces for men:

  • Minimalist chains. It is not uncommon for men to choose unobtrusive, minimalist jewelry. Such a chain, if necessary, can be easily hidden under clothes and feel completely comfortable. If necessary, a small chain can be decorated with a small, significant pendant.
  • Large chains. Massive men's necklaces are a very common choice. Although the line between men's and women's jewelry is not exactly drawn, we can still see that women more often choose smaller jewelry, and men - larger ones. This can be seen both when men choose chains (they are longer, coarsely woven, often weighing more than 50 grams) and pendants (they are often at least 3 cm high).
  • Pendants. Men's pendants, hung both on chains and on leather or other material cords. Crosses, gold plates with inscriptions, pendants with musical or sports motifs are some of the most common. Can be decorated with various stones, men often choose precious stones such as black diamonds, dark blue sapphires.
  • Opening pendants. More often they are worn not for beauty or aesthetics, but as significant, sentimental symbols. Inside the opening pendant, important words can be engraved, photos of loved ones can be displayed, or simply a small portable object.
  • Leather or fabric necklaces. Braided, tied, possibly additionally decorated with silver or gold details. Men especially like leather in jewelry, it gives a sense of organicity, delicate masculinity.
  • Men's necklace. Beads were hugely popular in the 90s, but we're seeing this era's fashion trends come back with a bang. Wooden, amber, glass, stone or even pearl necklaces adorn men's outfits. Necklaces can be decorated with pendants or gold inserts.
  • Choker style men's jewelry. Jewelry that fits perfectly around the neck. Can be leather, fabric, gold or others. Younger generations are more popular.
  • Personalized products. Made to order, there can be pendants with initials, wedding or children's birth dates or other particularly significant symbols. However, the selection of men's jewelry is significantly smaller than that of women's jewelry, so men often turn to jewelers to fulfill their dream design vision.
  • Religious symbols. People of various faiths like to decorate their bodies with religious symbols. Christians choose crosses, rosaries and their variations or images of saints, Jews - the Star of David, Hindus - the "Om" symbol, Muslims like to combine verses from the Koran in their jewelry, Buddhists wear bracelets or necklaces made of beads... Of course, there are many other unmentioned faiths. and their favorite symbols. Some are extremely difficult to find in Lithuania, so you have to contact a jeweler.
  • Tennis style men's jewelry. Currently, the jewelry style is very common among both men and women. "Tennis" style jewelry is encrusted with precious stones along the entire length, so they are chosen by men who love sparkle and uniqueness. Diamonds are mostly used for them, but there are those who want such an item with sapphires, rubies, emeralds or laboratory gems. This type of men's necklace can be quite expensive. A large amount of precious stones and gold is required and let's not forget that this is one of the more complex and time-consuming jobs for a jeweler.
Men's necklaces - in Vilnius

Men's necklaces - in Vilnius

Men's necklaces are a great solution for those who want to start wearing jewelry, but don't know where to start. Chains or pendants can be worn under clothes without any problems. In each situation, you can choose whether you want to show or hide the jewelry at this time. Men's rings or bracelets catch the eye much faster. A necklace is a great gift for both a young guy who is just starting to decorate himself with jewelry, and an adult man who already knows his personal style very well.

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